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3rd Annual Juried High School & 8th Grade

Student Art Exhibition 2014


An Exhibition featuring 51 original artworks selected out of 167 submissions from 13 Chicago schools.Exhibit: March 17th- April 10th, 2014, Artists' Reception: March 21st, Friday, 6-10pm with an Award ceremony at 8pm.


Chicago, IL—The HumanThread Center/Gallery at the Bridgeport Art Center proudly presents the work of high school artists from Chicago schools in its next exhibition, I AM. HumanThread invited Chicago students to think deeply about who they are, and express their true selves visually. This is an exciting opportunity for young artists to have their original art displayed and sell if they so wish in a professional gallery and be exposed to the public. 100% of the sales proceeds go to students.


Objectives and Scope of Project: The I AM Juried Student Art Exhibition project aims to help today's Chicago youth and the youth across the state of Illinois explore their identity and how they are perceived in the world they live in by their peers, their community and the adults that surround them, in hopes of furthering "self-knowledge or education."


We all live in a world of assumptions, accusations and stereotypes that try to define who we are. We judge and are judged daily, be it by the color of our skin, the clothes we wear or the way we speak. These things do not define us. There is more to who we are than how we look, dress, or speak. I AM exhibition challenges teenagers to take a closer look at who they are, as defined by their actions and choices, and who they are not, defined by society’s classifications. The goal of this project, therefore, is Self-Knowledge ("Know thyself,” ancient Greek maxim).


Invitation to High School and 8th grade Students: We invite students to explore who they are even further than just stereotypes, including the possibility of projected bias and/or the internalization process that stems from the outside expectations of them.  We invite students to explore if their "choices and actions" could be potentially closely linked to meeting others' expectations of them – which leads to a critical question - when does ‘social-learning/conditioning’ end and free-will begin in one’s life? Thus, this is their opportunity to not only explore their self-image and the images imposed on them by others or society but make a statement about the struggle they may go through to express and reveal their truer identity and who they really are, through "I AM" ART.


Lesson Plans: Teachers may request interdisciplinary lesson plans to assist them with the complex theme of the exhibition and foster personal growth among their students.


Contact: Project Director: Jeanette Thompson –


Dialogue: The I AM exhibition will present an opportunity to the youth of Illinois for expression and dialogue about preconceived notions related to appearances vs. self-knowledge. Not only will students have a safe forum to express their views and concerns related to stereotypes, prejudges, and preconceived notions, but this program will be a valuable opportunity for young artists to have their work exhibited in a professional gallery in full view of their peers, community and the public, as well as opportunities to interact with peers in a non school setting.


Artists Reception: Students, their family, and school staff will be invited to a gallery opening that will include inspirational community guest speakers and awards for outstanding artistic merit.


Prizes:  Selected artists will be honored based on artistic merit and be awarded valuable art related materials.


Project Timeline:

  • Free workshops for educators - TBA

  • February 14, 2014 – Electronic Submission Deadline

  • March 4, 2014 – Notification of jury selection

  • March 7, 8, 9, & 10th 2014 – Drop off/delivery of pieces to HumanThread gallery

  • Announcement of Prize Winners & Reception TBD

  • March 21th, 2014 3rd Friday Gallery Opening at HumanThread at Bridgeport Art Center

  • Exhibition run March 17th – April 7th

  • April 7th, 2014 Exhibition Close

  • April 11, 12, & 13th Pick up dates Pick up



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